Will and Estate Litigation Representation

A will should be a safeguard set to protect the rights of a family or beneficiaries. There are times when that safeguard is challenged by one or more of its beneficiaries or those who thought they would benefit from the estate. Such times can be injurious to a family’s cohesiveness. Will contests based on challenges to the competency of a person to make a will, claims of undue influence, or mistakes in the execution of a will are the most frequent type of estate litigation. Litigation may also arise from lost or missing wills or leaving heirs such as spouses or children out of a will. You need to reach out for legal recourse before too much damage is done to family ties.

At Shaffer Law we understand the gravity of the matter at hand and are here to support you through it all. We are your preferred personal injury attorney Charleston WV who will defend your rights in inheritance matters.

What we do

A will can be surrounded with a lot of suspicion. If you feel that the writer of the will had undue influence or was not of full mental capacity while writing it then you have reason to lawfully act. If you feel shortchanged by the interpretation or execution of the will then please call us in. And if you are struggling to work with the administrator of the estate or have not received what is duly yours by the will then reach out to us. We will ensure that justice prevails and you get what is rightfully your own. Will and estate litigation can be a murky area, but with our guidance you will emerge victorious.

Experienced Legal Counsel

You can be sure we will not ask you for a penny till we win you your case and redeem your damages. This helps you get our professional help with the peace of mind that we will not frustrate you financially. As a law firm that has been practicing for years we have the experience tested through time and proven with results. Our team of estate lawyers and litigators understand both the legal aspects and the emotion that often comes with challenging a will or estate disputes. We have won damages for our clients in the millions and multi-million of dollars in the time we have been in practice. With our experience will work through all legal aspects with determination whilst endeavouring to reduce any stress of complexity. Do give us a call on 304-400-4044 for your free consultation or pay us a visit on 103 Pennsylvania Ave, Charleston.

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