Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

For centuries, individuals have been concerned about preserving their legacy for future generations. In the modern era, this is done through estate planning. An estate is all the property and assets you leave behind upon your death. Every individual has the opportunity to control how their assets will be distributed.

The most common tools of estate planning are wills and trusts. If no estate planning is done, the State of West Virginia’s laws will dictate how your estate is divided. No one wants the State to decide how their money will be distributed. With the proper estate planning, this can easily be avoided. However, many individuals procrastinate estate planning as no one wants to think about their own demise. This is a mistake made all too often. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike at any time. Your family will thank you for planning today instead of leaving them to pick up the pieces tomorrow.

No matter your net worth, Shaffer Law will help you set up the best estate plan for your needs. Whether a complex trust or a simple will is the instrument you need, Shaffer Law will help you accomplish your goals.

Additionally, Shaffer Law can help individuals who are victims of poor estate planning. Lawsuits can arise with contested claims against the estate, or last will and testament. These situations often arise when an individual believes the last will and testament is improper and is not the controlling document, or if there is alleged wrongdoing by the personal representative of the estate. These situations can often tear at the seams of a family. That is why you should seek legal counsel when contesting an estate. At Shaffer Law, we aim to streamline the process and help you through this extremely sensitive and delicate family matter.

If you believe a loved one’s estate is being treated improperly, give Shaffer Law a call today.

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