Personal Injury Compensation

A personal injury case is a civil action, meaning that when some other person or a business is found to be legally responsible (at fault) for causing your injuries, the remedy comes in the form of damages — money that is paid by the liable party (the defendant) to the injured party (the plaintiff). Personal injury compensation refers to monetary amounts that are generally paid from the defendant to the plaintiff.

The negligent or unlawful acts of some humans can change your life for good when they cause you injury. These injuries may be so grave that they take months to recover from or stay with you for the rest of your life. Because these injuries are unplanned for and hamper you from living a full life you may be permanently unable to work. With this crisis in mind you need to have a fallback plan. You need to seek proper compensation from those who caused your injuries. At Shaffer Law, we are your preferred personal injury lawyer Charleston WV who take on such cases to get you properly compensated.

The most common types of personal injury compensation awards are those that are related to medical expenses. These can include:

  • Medicine costs
  • Surgery costs
  • Costs of treatment/therapy/rehabilitation
  • Hospital bills/cost of staying in a facility
  • Ambulance costs and other transportation fees

Personal injury compensation can also include other related damages that were directly caused by the defendant sometimes called special damages. In a personal injury claim, special damages are a monetary relief awarded for the out of pocket expenses incurred due to the damage done by the defendant. Also known as economic damages, special damages cover only tangible harms that can be easily converted into a specific dollar amount.

Regardless of the type of accident you were involved in, it is important to consult a West Virginia attorney. At Shaffer Law, we help get you the compensation you deserve. Focus on your recovery while we focus on the rest.

What We Cover

There are a number of ways one can get their personal injuries. We cover all the different types of personal injury that you could have acquired. You can be rest assured we have the experience it requires to win your claim. We cover car, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, and cyclist accidents. We also cover slip and fall accidents, as well as wrongful death claims. We also cover you or your loved one if you have gotten a personal injury through medical malpractice or come upon a disease caused in your line of duty. You deserve compensation for this as well.

Why Trust Us

We have been helping individuals in West Virginia regain their financial freedom through rightful compensation. We have a track record that speaks for itself in recovering damages for our clients. While this may not be enough to convince you we urge you to let us represent you and only ask that you pay us from the compensation we get you. If we don’t win it, you don’t pay us. We strive to treat you fairly even in this trying time you are undergoing. Reach out to us on 304-400-4044 and get your free consultation to begin the process of financial recovery.

With our personal injury attorney Charleston WV, you are definitely in safe hands. If for one reason or another you are unable to come to us, we will come to you. Just contact our law firm and we will be there.

Drew Shaffer and his legal team will work with you every step of the way to overcome those obstacles and help you get your life back to normal.

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